Review Policy & Contact Me

Review Policy:

  1. I only accept print copies. (I’m one of those crazy, old-fashioned readers that does not own an e-reader.)
  2. I live in the United States.
  3. I will try to review as soon as possible, but I do promise to read and review before the release date. If this is not possible, I will let you know.
  4. Reviews will be posted to my blog. I will post a shortened version of my review on Goodreads, and I can also post on Amazon, if requested.
  5. Requests can be sent to me via e-mail at
  6. I read a wide variety of genres, so I will not include a list here. I am open to any and all requests, and will review them as they are received.
  7. For my blog, I used a rating system of 1 to 3 based on if I enjoyed the book and if I would ever re-read the book. On other sites, like Goodreads or Amazon, I will use the 5 star system.

Contact Me:

Would love to hear from you guys! I can’t promise that I’ll get back to you quickly, but I will always reply.