The Only Bookstore In Town: Nonesuch Books, Biddeford, ME

Store Website:

When I was a kid, we had this wonderful little bookstore in town called Bookland. It was the perfect size for a little kid, and they had a ton of children’s books, and it had the perfect location. It was part of the main shopping center in town. There was a diner, a movie theater, a sporting goods store. Basically, everything you could possibly need in one place. Best part, this shopping center was in walking distance of my house. Yes, I had to cross the rail road tracks and cut through a wooded path, but it was very possible. Unfortunately, it also closed down when I was a kid.

At this time, Nonesuch Books was open in the next town over, Saco, ME. We went there often, but I think that I was still upset about Bookland that I didn’t fully appreciate it. I didn’t buy a lot of books from there. I waited until we went to the Maine Mall and bought my books from Walden’s Books, which was another small bookstore. Until, you guessed it, Walden’s closed down as well. This was very upsetting. I wasn’t overly surprised because Border’s had just opened up in the Maine Mall area. I shopped at Border’s and appreciated the discount prices, but it didn’t feel like home. In the cycle of things, Border’s has become Books a Million.

One day, I was at another shopping plaza in my town, a newer plaza, and I found out that Nonesuch had moved to Biddeford. I went in, and it felt like coming home. They have an amazing selection of books, but still remain a small bookstore. They also have tons of deals. Tables of sale books, staff recommendations, and also a used book section, which is like my favorite thing in the world. I loooooove used books, even more than I love new books. I have discovered so many new books that I didn’t know existed just by browsing through this store, so many books that have had a really big impact on my life. This is where one the staff saw that I was purchasing The Passage by Justin Cronin and told me that she was so happy that I was buying it. Said that it was one of the best books that she had read in a while.

I could go on and on about how much I love this store, but I don’t want to get into the creepy love realm, so I will stop here. If any of you are in the Southern Maine area and have not been to Nonesuch Books, I would greatly encourage you to go and browse and talk to the wonderful staff about books. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.

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